Filipina Singer-songwriter gets Featured in NASA Campaign

Filipina singer & songwriter Reese Lansangan was literally over the moon these past few days when her song “a song about space” gets featured in a NASA campaign.

Lansangan’s composition can be heard playing in one of NASA’s videos for its #LaunchAmerica campaign, which “introduces a new era of spaceflight that returns the ability to launch astronauts to the United States for the first time since the end of the Space Shuttle Program in 2011.”

“When a song you wrote about space and exploration 7 years ago makes it to NASA… I am over the moon (pun intended) and I don’t think I’ll ever get over it,” she wrote on her Twitter account @reeseypeasy.

“Here’s to endless discovery and the hope that my music makes it to the ISS too!”

Reese Lansangan almost choked when she got a “direct message” from NASA on her Instagram.

“They said they loved my super old and embarrassing ‘A Song About Space’ video from my channel and asked if they could possibly use it for a promo vid.”

Since nothing was set into stone, she silently hoped for the best.

“Nothing was set in stone so after I got over the immediate shock of the NASA DM, I just silently hoped for the best. Then I got an email back with the video link, and in my pride I took all the screencaps!”


Lansangan said that she “always get teased for that old Space video of mine because 1) I still had braces & 2) I lisped (lithped) – but each time I thought about taking it down, I couldn’t bring myself to. I figured it’s part of my history & it’s fun to make fun of yourself every now and then! Little did I know, it would be the video that NASA would notice and end up watching… it just blows my mind!⠀

“I guess there’s a lesson in there somewhere – to honor yourself always – your lovable, bewildering, sometimes even embarrassing self! So from the bottom of NENE REESE’s heart – a sincere thank you to the universe for this tiny, tiny victory,” she wrote on instagram.

“So I wrote a little song about space because I love space (who doesn’t) and I have so much feels for it that it can’t be summed up in this one song. I want a sequel! Or two or three!” captioned on her 7 year old song, “a song about space.”