Daigle Bites: Listen to Lauren Daigle’s New Podcast

Lauren Daigle, two times Grammy Awards Winner, started her very own podcast called “Daigle Bites”.

On her Facebook post, she captioned, “I’m so excited to be announcing my very own podcast called “Daigle Bites”! During this time of social distancing, I hope it gives you an escape ❤️ First episode Tuesday 3/24!”

“Completely unfiltered and off-the-cuff, “Daigle Bites” has a little bit of everything! A mix of commentary, music, and responses from pre-show Q and As, this new podcast from Lauren Daigle invites you behind-the-scenes to provide completely honest reflections and revelations about making it in music, finding your voice, her Louisiana roots, food, fun on the road, and more! Grab a cup of coffee, get cozy and hang a while,” is the description of her podcast.

As of now, her podcast already has two episodes. The first episode is entitled “Daigle Bites – Music”, an introductory of why she started the podcast and the reason why “Music” is one of her favorite things in the world. The second episode is called “Identity”. It talks all about identity, of course, seasons of life and staying grounded.

“Daigle Bites” is available on different podcast streaming sites.
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