Coronavirus: ‘Miracle’ mother testifies ‘Power of God through prayers’ after 77 days in ICU

A mother, who was on deaths door for months, thanked God and church parishioners after a miraculous recovery from COVID-19, saying her recovery was by the power of God through prayers.

Jayoung Lee, 38, was eventually rehabilitated on Monday after receiving life-saving treatment from a hospital in Berlin, Germany.

Lee contracted the virus whilst in the late stages of her pregnancy, then gave birth to her second son on March 9. To avoid cross-infection, the newly born baby was immediately separated after birth. However, Lee’s body was unable to fight the deadly virus causing her condition to rapidly deteriorate. Her husband was told to prepare for the worst as her lungs failed.

She was quickly taken to intensive care, induced in a coma and ventilated on March 18. However, her lungs continued to weaken even after a week of ventilation as she suffered from severe respiratory failure.

She was transferred to Charite hospital in Berlin where she was immediately placed on ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation), a machine that pumps and oxygenates blood outside the body, allowing the heart and lungs to rest.

Her fellow church members gave their support, fasting and praying for her recovery while she stayed in a coma. April 14, she finally opened her eyes but was unable to speak or breathe on her own, requiring prolonged ECMO.

The doctors finally released her off the ECMO on May 12, after 48 days of treatment in critical condition. After that, she slowly learned to breathe on her own with oxygen support.

On May 22, Lee reunited with her family, finally touching her newborn son for the first time in 75 days.


After months of fighting the virus, 77 days to be exact, she is no longer in critical condition and continuing her recovery at a rehabilitation clinic. Doctors and nurses have then called her “a star in the unit” and a “miracle.”

“I am so thankful to the medical staff at Charité hospital for looking after me with utmost care and love. I told the doctors that my friends prayed for my recovery and for the doctors treating me, and they testified that the prayers were successful,” said Lee.

“I feel I was in a dark and deep valley but finally came out of there by the power of God through your prayer,” Lee said in a statement to her church parishioners. “I was shocked when I found out so many church members and even people I do not know prayed for me. I cried because I felt with my whole heart that I’m alive by your prayers.”

Overcoming a painful experience made her realized: “Just to be able to breathe.. I did not realize how thankful I should be just for that alone. Now I feel indebted, and I have a second chance to live. My life is not my own anymore, it belongs to Christ.”

Lee was on pain for more than two months but what she recalls the most is when the drainage tube for her lungs that had been inserted through the side of her ribs became blocked. She was in an intense pain, but there she remembered Jesus who had suffered immense physical pain of the cross, and there she found comfort. She said, “I was able to reflect deeply about the suffering of Jesus as he was crucified and hung on the cross for our sins. So even though I was in immense pain, I found myself being even more thankful to Christ for what He has done for me.”

She continued, “Today I’m here by the grace of our Lord and I feel I’m built again newly not by myself but by others’ love and prayers. Thank you very much for your prayers. Your prayers worked for me. Please continue to pray for my full recovery.”