All At War – Downhere [Lyrics]

All At War – Downhere [Lyrics]

I’m learning to stand
The more that I fall down
It’s the law of inversion
And it’s all turned around
And I’m staggered
By the clash inside my soul
So purposed for good
But inclined for evil

It’s justice and mercy
The old dichotomies
All along the front lines
Of my heart
In both doubt and belief
The sinner and saint
The old arch enemies
All at war in me

I was born depraved
But created for the divine
With death in my bones
In my heart eternal life
I’d love for Eden
But I’d kill for Rome
I’m native in a land
That is not my home

You are the beginning
And You are the end
Into your great reversal
I am born again
A beautiful redemption
You leverage even sin
In me your final victory
I know You’ll win

Into light, from the shadows
Into life, from the grave
Into love, into love


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